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There are few influences in our modern day and age that is as powerful as music. Music is our way of connecting with different cultures, communities, and ideologies on a personal level.

At Dream Recording Studios, we believe that every artist, whether you’re a musician, vocalist, MC, or voiceover talent has an incredible message to share with the world. And we’re excited to be your comfortable space to raise that voice to the world.

If you are located in Nassau or Suffolk County, Queens or Brooklyn, our recording studio is just around the corner and ready to help you create and solidify your next single, demo, album, EP, or mixtape.

Our recording studio has the necessary equipment you need to bring your songs, commercials, voiceovers, and podcasts to life and have them mixed to perfection. If you are a developing, up-and-coming artist or an experienced recording artist looking for a new place to record, we have you covered.

An Exciting and Creative Space for You to Work

The recording and mixing studio at Dream Recording Studios is designed to highlight your creative side. Our team of audio professionals, both tracking and mixing engineers, can help you create and develop new and exciting ideas for your project so that you can solidify your sound and brand. We work with all musical genres and can personalize your recording space to match your personality and style of music.


Our team is excited to connect with you on a personal and professional level so that you can enjoy a memorable recording experience at our studio. We take all the necessary steps to make sure our recording studio is comfortable, whether you prefer an energetic or relaxing environment, so that you can easily enter a creative mindset to write and record your music.

We are located at 2477C Merrick Rd. Bellmore, NY, and we are excited to connect with you soon. For more helpful information about what we do, be sure to visit our studio page and speak with a member of our recording team when you give us a call at 516-409-1818.

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